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ToqueCAN: Pi Toque With 2x CAN, 3 Port USB Hub and 24V>5V@5A Regulator

ToqueCAN: Pi Toque With 2x CAN, 3 Port USB Hub and 24V>5V@5A Regulator

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ToqueCAN is an open-source Raspberry Pi toque* with:

  • A CAN transceiver with 2x CAN connectors
  • 3 port USB hub
  • 24V to 5V 5A regulator for powering the Pi and USB devices
  • Pi cooling fan (30mm or 40mm) mount with PWM speed control
  • Neopixel control
  • GPIO passthrough
  • Supports Klipper and Candlelight firmwares


*Almost like a hat, no EEPROM.

  • CAN Bus Connectors

    2x (2x2) MX3.0 connectors for CAN bus communication and power supply for up to 2 CAN bus devices.

    Up to 1M CAN is supported using a SN65HVD232 transceiver and a STM32F072 MCU for the firmware. Both Candlelight and Klipper (in bridge mode) firmwares are supported.

    Even more CAN devices are supported through the MOAR_CAN expansion connector. (Normally populated with 2x jumpers)

  • 3 Port USB Hub

    3x USB-A connectors are available through the 4-port USB hub built into the ToqueCAN. The other USB port is internally connected to the MCU for CAN bus.

    Connect to your Raspberry Pi (or similar SBC) using a short USB A to C cable (not included in the box).

    A 180-degree USB adapter is included in the box for more compact USB cable routing.

  • Neopixel LED Control

    5V addressable RGB LED connector for controlling LEDs like Neopixels, WS2812 (RGB), SK6812 (RGBW) and similar.

    Neopixel control is only supported when using Klipper (in bridge mode) firmware.

  • 30mm / 40mm PWM Fan Support

    ToqueCAN supports PWM fans for cooling the Raspberry Pi (or similar SBC). 5V and 24V (or input voltage) fans are supported. For fan speed control (PWM), the signal can come from the MCU if using Klipper in bridge mode firmware, or it can come from the Raspberry Pi. Jumpers are on the PCB to configure these settings.

    ToqueCAN has a 30mm fan cutout on the PCB. Fans up to 40mm are supported. Fan mount requires 3D-printed parts. Fan and fan mounting hardware are not included.

  • 5V Regulator

    ToqueCAN features a buck converter for powering the Raspberry Pi (or other similar SBC), USB devices and the ToqueCAN itself from your printer's power supply. Up to 24V input voltages are supported.

  • Power Input

    Screw terminal for power input for the ToqueCAN. Up to 24V input voltages are supported.

    Up to 8A is available for power draw through the CAN bus connectors.

    10A fused (replaceable) for protection.

  • Included Hardware

    • 2x MX3.0 Connectors and Pins
    • 3x XH Connectors and Pins
    • 5x Jumpers
    • M2.5 Screws, Stand-offs and Inserts
    • 180-Degree USB Adapter for Cleaner Cable Routing
  • Open Source

    ToqueCAN is open-source hardware. The source files, gerbers, BOM, 3D CAD models, STLs for fan mounts, manual and more can be found on its GitHub repo.

    I am the original creator of this project, every sale here helps me fund the development of future open-source PCB projects. Thanks!

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